Sing Off Contest

Show Off Your Skills

Sing your heart, while decked out in your favorite Halloween Costume. 

Who Can Enter

This contest is open to all people, ages 15 years old and up.

Halloween Style

Choose your favorite Halloween song and storm the stage with your festive Howls!



Contestants will perform 1 song during their turn on stage.   

Registration Fee

There is $10 registration fee per entry. This fee is mandatory.

Song Selection

You MUST choose 1 song to perform from the list below. You will also need to choose a backup song, in the event that your 1 first song choice becomes unavailable. NOTE: Contestants may choose the same song as someone else performing. 

Song Choices


The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Somebody’s Watching Me.


Witch Doctor

I Put A Spell On You


Candy Girl

I Want Candy

This Is Halloween

Purple People Eater

Freaks Come Out At Night

Back In Black


Monster Mash

Amount Of Contestants

We are only allowing 10 contestants per day, 10 on Friday and 10 on Saturday. So if you are interested in entering, you need to fill out the registration form as soon as possible.

Winner And Prizes

There will be 1 overall winner, per day. The winner will be chosen by the audience. The winner will receive $100 prize money.

Winner Criteria

The audience should choose the singer with the best overall performance.

Spots Are Limited

We only have 20 spots available, so make sure you register as soon as possible. Because when the spots are filled, they're gone. See you on the stage, superstar!